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The Lao Stebbing (Russell) thread, by username truthonly
02-07-2017, 01:53 PM (This post was last modified: 02-07-2017 02:01 PM by truthonly.)
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Music The Lao Stebbing (Russell) thread, by username truthonly
NEW YORK TIMES, May 20, 1963:
WALTER RUSSELL IS DEAD AT 92; Self-Taught Artist and Educator.

Walter Russell, a self-taught painter, sculptor, musician, educator and mystical scientist, died yesterday on his 92nd birthday at ***Swannanoa, his estate near Waynesboro, Va. The word of his death reached associates here.

At his death Mr. Russell was a director of the University of Science and Philosophy, a correspondence school that he founded on his Blue Ridge estate in 1949. The institution has enrolled students from most of the English-speaking countries of the world.

Mr. Russell had no great regard for formal learning. He expressed gratitude for not having had any formal education since the age of 10.

On leaving school he became a clerk in a dry-goods store in his native Boston. At 13 he became a church organist; he taught and even composed for the organ, though he never learned to read music.

After several years abroad, Mr. Russell returned home in 1897 to join Collier's magazine as art editor. Between 1901 and 1904 he wrote a series of children's books.

Early in the century, Mr. Russell established a studio in New York. He attained prominence as a portraitist and was commissioned to paint the children of President Theodore Roosevelt.

Mr. Russell was the first president of the Society of Arts and Sciences, which he and Thomas J. Watson founded in 1921. He was also the first president of the New York Skating Club, which he formed in 1916.

In the nineteen-twenties Mr. Russell shifted his emphasis from painting to sculpture. He fashioned busts and heads of Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Alva Edison, Franklin D. Roosevelt and General of the Army Douglas MacArthur.

He created the massive Mark Twain Memorial and its replica, which is in Hannibal, Mo., Twain's home town. The original, with most of Mr. Russell's work, is in a museum at Swannanoa.


Two of Mr. Russell's larger sculptures--"Christ of the Blue Ridge" and a work commemorating the Four Freedoms--are at the Virginia mountain museum.

Entered Real Estate: In 1922, again widening his interests, the sculptor-painter-musician added real-estate development. He organized Manhattan Extension, Inc., which sought to add six acres to Manhattan by filling in a portion of New York Bay. After some consideration the city administration vetoed the proposal.

In another real-estate venture Mr. Russell proved more successful. He designed and built several early cooperative apartment houses, among them the Hotel des Artistes at Central Park West and 67th Street.

Several books by Mr. Russell expounded his original scientific theories. The books, questioning the validity of Newtonian and Keplerian astronomy, were not taken seriously by scientists.

Mr. Russell was first married in 1893 to Helen Andrews. They were divorced in 1948. That year he married the former Mrs. Lao C. STEBBING, who survives him. He also leaves a sister.

"truthonly" starts typing here. Walter Russell is my hero, and he made only one mistake in his entire life on earth. Why you were not told the name of Walter's first wife? Why no one even remind you that Lao was Walter's second wife? May you know the truth. Seek for the truth and you will eventually know it. Walter Russell brought you the truth, will you let his work get censored?


Messager's message starts here:
Dr. Russell's scientific presentations is public domain because it is simply mathematical, scientific presentation. It was public domain when Dr. Russell wrote it --somehow it became a copyrighted "commodity" to be hidden under meditation New Age concepts AFTER Lao (his wife) and others forming the original Foundation and subsequent "University" decided to call Dr. Russell a HUMANIST. HE IS NOT NOR EVER WAS A HUMANIST. HE WAS ONE OF THE MOST SPIRITUALLY ORIENTED (GOD ORIENTED) PEOPLE EVER TO WALK YOUR PLANET. To say the scientific tables and work cannot be used by people is the same as saying a physicist cannot use "numbers", (i.e., 1,2,3- - -) because someone before, used them.

It is NOT breach of copyright if TRUTH is presented--as truth.

Regardless of what a University of Science and Philosophy may now claim in left-over copyrights, etc.--IT WAS WALTER RUSSELL'S INTENT THAT "MANKIND" (ALL) SHOULD HAVE READY ACCESS TO HIS SCIENTIFIC WORK FOR IT DEALS DIRECTLY WITH MAN'S CONNECTIONS TO GOD!

In the book "The Curse Of Canaan", Eustace Mullins wrote that humanity "...has existed under a considerable disadvantage, unable to recognize or understand evil before being injured by it. Indeed, the great movement of modern history has been to disguise the presence of evil on the earth, to make light of it, to convince humanity that evil is be "tolerated", "treated with greater understanding", or negotiated with, but under no circumstances should it ever be forcibly opposed. This is the principal point of what has come to be known as today's liberalism, more popularly known as secular humanism. The popular, and apparently sensible, appeal of humanism is that humanity would always place human interests first. The problem is that this very hu- manism can be traced in an unbroken line all the way back to the Biblical "Curse of Canaan". Humanism is the logical result of the demonology of history."

Messager's message starts here:
And herein lies the full intent of the University of Science and Philosophy and Lao Russell (I did not say Walter Russell). It is proclaimed that Walter became, with Lao, a "humanist". This is not so; you cannot be a "humanist" and reflect the intent and projection of GOD!

Here, the Messager excerpts from the writing called "LAO RUSSELL", so that he can comment on it. For the record, Lao was a remarkable woman--beautiful, talented, and perspicacious. You must understand that in considering the University of Science and Philosophy and possible errors of ones such as ourselves who long have honored such as WALTER RUSSELL, and further back prior to US&P was The Russell Foundation as we are told. At onset, we KNEW NOTHING OF EITHER! Why might this lack of human knowledge be resting with my scribe? Because the material offered her came BEFORE US&P and as for the Home Study Course--the "authors" came after the volumes were an uncopyrightable edition--and more material came from The Universal One MANUSCRIPT--long prior to Lao Russell or any Foundation and was never copyrighted! We do not quibble over this but it is most interesting that SOMETHING had to have happened to precipitate such animosity against our work--would it not seem?

Russell did NOT found the Russell Foundation. How do we know? Because it says right here in their own material: "Well knowing that our present destructive basis of human relations was not solving personal, national and international problems, LAO RUSSELL FOUNDED THE WALTER RUSSELL FOUNDATION IN 1948, WHICH IN 1957 BECAME THE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND PHILOSOPIIY ....."

"Performing a herculean task from which many strong men had turned away, Lao Russell restored a 52-room Italian Renaissance Marble Palace that had been the prey of the weather and vandals for 20 years and transformed it into a mountain top paradise with sculpture gardens that is visited annually by thousands from all over the world."

"For additional information concerning Lao Russell, who is a member of "The International Platform Association". see "Who's Who of American Women". and "The National Social Directory". She is also listed in the 1968 Coronation Edition--which is the First Edition--of the "ROYAL BLUE BOOK" of England. This is an international social and genealogical register with a key to present-day leaders who have achieved distinction on the regional, national or international scene as contributors....”

How much input might Walter have had in the formation of US&P considering his age of near 90 YEARS? Is it not possible that some of Walter's intentions may well have not been recognized and usurped by ones coming AFTER? I have no great bones to pick--but IF WALTER RUSSELL'S WORK IS TRUTH IN SCIENCE-- IT WILL BE PRESENTED SOMEWHERE BY SOMEONE! I cannot believe that a late coming home-breaker has the right to take a man's most precious possessions and garner unto herself all claims to self and HER FOLLOWING. If my opinion is misinterpreted as "contempt", then I no longer have any understanding of your narrow imprisoned world at all.

Lao Stebbing (Russell) made many very talented contributions to human consciousness through her writings on romance, marriage and LOVE as she called one of her books. Perhaps we again mistake the flower blossom FOR THE TREE?

Chelas, as with Newton: "If I see further, it is because I stand on the shoulders of giants who came before me!" Well, I stand on the shoulders, students, of giants such as Walter Russell who could see farther and beyond even Newton! So be it.

Messager's message starts again here:
Now, might I suggest a bit of "looking up"? Why doesn't someone look up and report on the history and name lineage of one, the former Mrs. Lao C. Stebbing who became Mrs. Walter Russell in 1948-the same year that Dr. Russell divorced his wife of some 55 years, Helen Andrews.

Dr. Russell, for instance, sent all his early scientific work to some 600 parties for open discussion and comment. The great mass of scientific material was left to Princeton University. We do not have interest in such for we are not in the laboratory development of anything in the physical plane. The ONLY use for any such material in point is simply to allow YOU to understand and comprehend the fact that GOD IS LIGHT, LIGHT IS EVERYTHING and YOU ARE A PROJECTION OF THOUGHT OF GOD IN LIGHT.

"Our purpose is to help unfold the spiritual nature of man in order that the human race will find happiness and peace through knowledge and practice of the Love Principle of Giving and Regiving which nature alone practices and man defies". --- Walter Russell

Does the above paragraph sound like a man who wished his work to be cornered and hidden for half a century? It doesn't to me either.

ALL (everything) progresses in cycles. This includes your civilization as well as all prior civilizations. It is that "new" comprehension periodically transforms mankind into higher understanding and being. A new cycle, of which shall take around three thousand of your years in counting, is now in its birth throes.

God's omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresence are centered in the consciousness of EVERY man; but few there are who know of the oneness of their Self-Soul with the Universal Self-Soul. Man requires many millennia to begin to be aware of that. Each cycle of Man brings him nearer to his awareness of his Oneness with the LIGHT of his Self-Source.

Russell did state the next most beautifully: "Man lives in a most bewildering complex world of EFFECT of which he knows not the CAUSE. Because of its seemingly infinite multiplicity and complexity, he fails to vision the simple underlying principle of Balance in all things. He, therefore, complexes Truth until its many angles, sides and facets have lost balance with each other and with him.

"TRUTH IS SIMPLE. BALANCE IS SIMPLE. Rhythmic balanced interchange between all pairs of opposite expression in natural phenomena, and in human relations, is the consummate art of God's universe of Light. It is also the law. In this one fundamental Universal Law lies the balanced continuity of all creative expression in God's electric wave universe of two conditioned lights in seeming motion which record God's one Whole Idea of Creation into countless seemingly separate parts of that Whole Idea".

Is "this" an expression which is meant to be kept within the secret places of a singular "institution"? Surely not, for it infers that only a select "few" may have the great secrets of LIFE ETERNAL. GOD IS LIGHT AND YOU ARE THE RESULT OF THE IDEA OF GOD MANIFEST AS HE HAS "THOUGHT".

Glory and praise be unto the "Father" forever and forever, for His path is made straight and His way of Truth and Light revealed for, as the mind is opened, another seal is loosed and the great blindness of mind which has nearly destroyed a world will begin to be removed from you and you will be given faith and vision to behold the things of God and understand His holy promises. As this Holy Light begins to penetrate the mind His divine vision of perfection is revealed. And with that vision comes the testimony of the Holy Spirit of Promise bearing witness to your souls that it can be fulfilled unto you for you will receive strength to follow it through to its completion. This is the road I mapped, for I am the Way, even the road of perfection, the path you must follow--said the Christed teachers.

This invitation, offered to those who would heed wisdom to become perfect, even as the Father in heaven is perfect, contains the vision divine. It is a possibility and a promise as definite and real as the promised diploma is to the student who is working for it. God will not be mocked. Neither has HE ever mocked HIS children by giving a promise that is impossible to fulfill. Every promise HE ever gave must and will be fulfilled, whenever man has developed the faith to receive. When we speak of vision--we also are speaking "thought".

Man's right to choose the thoughts he thinks contains all the creative powers of eternity, even the creative powers of godhood. If he uses these powers amiss or misuses the divine gift of free-choosing, he will lose his free-agency. It is in the loss of free-agency that one becomes enslaved by the powers of darkness. The great issues this day are over this divine, God-given gift. All dictatorial governments must take away man's free-agency from him in order to obtain and hold their power. When this happens as it now has, either politically or morally, man is no longer free. He is a SLAVE.

Here is except from a book that has a politically incorrect name:
A 1987 B'nai B'rith authorized biography of Simon Wolf by Esther L. Panitz offered the following highly suggestive, albeit incomplete description of Wolf s personal relationship with President Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth. Bear in mind that this biography, written on the basis of B'nai B'rith's archives, paints Wolf in the most favorable of lights. The mere fact that the author had to include Wolfs links to Booth, and Wolfs earlier arrest as an alleged Confederate spy and blockade runner, implies that the actual story is far uglier:

"Wolf s concern for culture first expressed itself in formation of a private club, devoted to the arts and humanities and frequented by young men avid for learning... Were pride and ambition his only motives in seeking the intellectual life? Clearly, Wolf hoped that if he and his friends would devote themselves to the pursuit of learning, they would deflect the prejudicial statements of their Christian neighbors. Wolf was upset that terms such as 'money-changers', 'cotton traders' and 'clothes dealers' had become words of reproach....

"Locally the group's theatrical productions received a good press. Wolf, who would often play the Ghost in Hamlet or Shylock in The Merchant of Venice, bore an uncanny resemblance to John Wilkes Booth, Lincoln's assassin. Earlier in Cleveland, Booth had joined Wolf and Peixotto in dramatic performances. Years afterward, Wolf remembered that he had met Booth once again at the Willard Hotel, on the morning of the day Lincoln was shot. There, at the bar, Booth explained that Senator John P. Hale's daughter had just rejected his marriage proposal. Wolf attributed Lincoln's murder to this personal tragedy in Booth's own life. Wolf also recalled that once he sat for a picture entitled 'The Assassination of President Lincoln' ."

Here is our Messager commenting again: WE ARE TOLD BY RESEARCHERS that the Twilight Club established in New York City in the early 1870s was the offshoot or "Mother" of the club mentioned above, devoted to the arts and humanities. This moved into its second era in 1895 still bearing the name of Twilight Club UNTIL 1921 WHEN IT BECAME THE SOCIETY OF ARTS AND SCIENCES. Now WHY would this interest us? Because in the second era Walter Russell headed the list of "leading workers". This encompassed the Boy Scouts in England, Boy Scouts in America, Rotary Club formed in Chicago and named because its members "rotated" its meetings in each other's houses, the Kiwanis Club and the Lions Club--among others.

What did they do? Well they got millions of dollars FROM CARNEGIE for Libraries in which material could be "selected". There was also an "Authors Club" founded for spreading Spencer's POETS' CODE OF ETHICS. They now got a "clubhouse" donated to them by Andrew Carnegie.



In 1935 Walter was aging greatly but became the major figurehead of this Society of Arts and Sciences and the "workers list" took on a lot of familiar names and faces.

Moving on to the Sixth Era in 1946, Lao Russell took the helm and the Walter Russell Foundation evolved. So, the works which we have referred to in ANY WORKS at all-- came from prior to or having any knowledge of such as US&P. A study course was developed regarding Universal Law, Natural Science and Living Philosophy.

Then in 1957 all pretense of a basis of "science" became negated as Lao Russell took total control, changed the name to University of Science and Philosophy and, by their own presentations: took on Lao Russell's CODE OF ETHICS as the full foundation of the University. ALL OF THIS, ACCORDING TO THEIR OWN REPRESENTATION, I REPEAT! THE THRUST BECAME TOTALLY "PHILOSOPHY" WITH WHICH I DISAGREE IN ALMOST EVERY ASPECT OF PRESENTATION. SCIENCE IS AS OPPOSITE PHILOSOPHY AS IS ANY OXYMORONIC STATEMENT MADE ON THE FACE OF THE PLANET.

For 77-years Walter Russell avoided the traps of human pits--and then fell to the oldest trick in the universe physical--a beautiful woman playing a magnificent game of “twin flames”.

"truthonly" writes two lines: My only "twin flame" is God. My only soul mate is God.

Attached is a chronology, as given in the book, The World Crisis, by Walter and Lao Russell, of US&P. The book was copyrighted in 1958 by US&P. (This was among the books that Mr. H. sent.)

...I checked the names shown against Coleman's book, Conspirators' Hierarchy and found none except Carnegie and Vanderbilt, although there are the Kiwanis, Rotary & Lions Clubs which are claimed as "outcomes" of the work, all of which appears innocuous enough until you know more.

Surprisingly, the First Era of US&P is stated as beginning in the early 1870's!!!! Walter is shown as participating in the Second Era as a leading worker of The Twilight Club, and from then on.....

Further, I have located a book titled The Brookings Institute, A Fifty Year History, by Charles B. Saunders, Jr., published by the Institution in 1966. Therein, on page 28, it tells how Carnegie (a member of the Twilight Club) contributed a large sum to the Institute February 13, 1922, as well as a long list of others which included Paul Warburg, Banker; John Barton Payne, Chairman of the American Red Cross; George Sutherland, Associate Supreme Court Justice; Charles D. Walcott, Secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, etc. (I attach page 28 for your confirmation.) (Remember, according to the "Introduction" in Atomic Suicide?, Lao states that Walter planned to deposit his works at the Smithsonian Institute for safe- keeping [Messager's comment: He had already given bunches to Princeton University for open sharing of his information.]--UNTIL SHE CAME ALONG.) So, it looks like there are some early connections among many of the players.

Further, as to "connections" with current directors of US&P, I found some corresponding names but not confirmation that the parties are related. For example:

1. Robert D. Calkins was President of the Brookings Institute in 1968, the last year reviewed in this book.

At US&P, according to their letterhead, Shirley Calkins-Smith is Director of Student Affairs.

2. A Cesar Lombardi, a Dallas Publisher, was a Trustee of the Brookings Institute in 1915.
(See page 15 & 16 of the book.)

At US&P, Emilia Lombardi is NOW a Director and co-Executor of Lao Russell's estate. (See letterhead of US&P.)

The above, of course, is not conclusive--only suggestive.

It is also a little interesting that the subject of Alexis Carrel's book Man the Unknown in which he stated that The Science of Man was the most important of all sciences is primarily given top billing as purpose for the US&P--it is shown at the top and bottom of the chronology, The Science of Man.

I am trying to locate as much as possible on the Brookings Institute. The above, at least, will help show any lawyer bent on a "libel" charge regarding this issue, that indeed, US&P has some rather old ties to persons involved in the Brookings Institute.

Attached are some New York Times articles on Walter and his Arts and Sciences connections.

One more tidbit before moving on; Dr. Binder has written many people denying all of our claims regarding this matter. In addition to denying the Brookings connections, he also says that Walter Russell and his wife had years (I believe the statement was "sixteen" years) of separation prior to LAO. WRONG! The PAPERS said that the separation from his wife "DID NOT COME UNTIL THE 'IMMEDIATE' DIVORCE PROCEEDINGS" Readers, it was the "TALK" of the "times"! Russell is an important ROYALTY ELITE name from Europe and Lao was also from such lineage--there was not silence on the subject as if "Joe Blow" had jaywalked in Podunk, Missouri.

More Messager's message is here:
In preparation to fully defend ourselves against the University of Science and Philosophy (US&P), I asked Nora to research everything that comes into our attention regarding the “case”. It will be found that Lao created and “founded” BOTH the Russell Institute and US&P. At first you will find that Walter got a bit of mention but as time has gone on, credit for many things actually untouched by Lao have become publicly listed as “Lao’s contribution”. Lao’s lineage goes back to a British Empire family name of “Cook”. She appeared in Walter’s life at a time when the Committee of 300 decided it was time to capture the credit and the property of Walter. Good intent or bad intent? It doesn’t matter. The divorce of Walter from his wife of 55 years was a scandal which was not even efforted at hiding. This means that all writings of Walter prior to Lao cannot be claimed by Lao or the University. The ONLY reason Lao participated in Atomic Suicide was to capture the control of the work. She made NO SCIENTIFIC CONTRIBUTION AT ALL TO THE WORK IN POINT. I care not, for the book is excellent in scientific jargon and perception but this was, by far, not the only writer on the dangers of Atomic Energy--even of THAT time. Lao was a “socialite” and not very accomplished, actually, at anything other than “charm”. This does not mean that she was not exceptional AT WHAT SHE DID AND WROTE--It does mean that I disagree with almost everything she wrote save the ideology brought forth in “nice” sayings. I have no pick with Lao in any way--for she did her job and did it well.

Russell was one of the most notable families in England. The Russells were totally attached to Tavistock. Ah Ha! As a matter of fact, one direct heir of the family was “Marquess of Tavistock”.

Let us now consider the “coat of arms” of the “Russells” in 1694 (and presumably to today). I ask that it be pictured. [See end of chapter]. A “lion rampant” seems to rule but with the crowning icon and the EQUAL status of the lion--are GOATS! The three flowers represent the blossoming of the three “roots” (look like little upside down trees) and represent the duality of the blossom above the dark and the roots within the dark and translated are “666”. The goat on the crown apex represents the goat having brought to submission, the lion. The collar on the lion (to the left) has a collar which indicates “bondage” and the “collar” symbol represents, again, a “666”. In addition, the larger animals (lion and goat) are MALE-- representing the dominance of Lucifer (Satan) over the Christ (lion). Still feel bad about our little “dispute” with US&P? Remember, Tavistock has a branch operation in mind-control work which is NUMBER ONE and is the Brookings Institute--(Directly run by the Committee of 300) and funds the University of Science and Philosophy. Coincidence? Doesn’t seem to appear so--but you know how it goes in court! Now where would this information come from that we feel free to print it? Peerage and Baronetage, of London, England showing DIRECT lineage from the CROWN--Lizzy’s picture is right on the frontpiece. Still think it foolish to believe that Prince Charles might just visit US&P? How nice it must have been to find such an outstanding “Russell” for the Elite purposes.

QUOTING: (Nora Boyles, Research Historian)
The Tavistock Inst. is under the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and OVER the Club of Rome, etc. (See attached chart and page from John Coleman’s book, Conspirators’ Hierarchy, The Committee of 300, regarding the Tavistock Inst. and Humanistic psychology. Also, refer to the index of John Coleman’s book for looking-up more on the subject.)

Interestingly, I had a book titled, The Companion Guide to London” by David Piper, published by Prentice-Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ, reprinted in 1981. I found some entries therein on “Tavistock”. I enclose material from this book as it gives you a perspective on the location of “Tavistock Square” in London and the surrounding locations as well as the circumstances. Remember--John Coleman was an MI6 agent. He also spoke about his research in the British Museum (located near to Tavistock, I see). Further, the write-up on the museum in this book indicates one needs special permission to use much of the facility! (Was John’s a special case?) Also note, the names Woburn, Bedford and Russell, as well as Montague. I looked up these names in the book of English Peers. I attach what I found therein! The Duke of Bedford and family is heavily involved in the name and property at the least! Lord John Russell and Sir Bertrand Russell are listed in John Coleman’s book, as is S.C. Warburg (there is a Warburg connection near to Tavistock--may not be pertinent). [Messager: Forget the “may-not”; it is extremely IMPORTANT and PERTINENT!] I do not know all of the implications, of course.

Tavistock, I understand, has their main Institute in Sussex. I could not yet locate information on this location. However, the London phone book gives addresses under “Tavistock” which includes the hospital and psychological counseling. I shall try to recover those addresses for you--I had them once but can’t seem to locate them at present. In any event, they do appear to coincide with streets located in the area of Tavistock Square and University Hospital.

Further--I looked-up the names, Tavistock, under “Publishers” in the Books in Print series. It referred me to “Routledge, Chapman and Hall, Inc. ”You will note, they are “Subs. of International Thomson Organization, Inc.” [Messager: Hold it right there! You miss the important point in this sentence (Thomson Organization). You may not realize that “Thomson” WILL BE THE ONLY PUBLISHER THROUGH WHICH ANYONE CAN PUBLISH ANYTHING--IN THIS NEW WORLD ORDER!!! THIS HAS BEEN PUBLICLY STATED AS FAR BACK AS WHEN GEORGE GREEN WAS SEEKING OUTLETS-- SOME THREE YEARS PAST. THEY WERE, AT THE TIME, MERGING IN ALL MAJOR PUBLISHING HOUSES AND NEWSPAPERS AS WELL.] and include several other major, major connections in the publications business.

Well--as I was thumbing thru that book of Peerage of England (Edited in 1980), I came across Baron Thomson of Fleet. (Fleet Street is where all the newspaper publishers are located--Queen Elizabeth is reported to “talk with them” occasionally about too much adverse publicity regarding the royal family members.) Anyway--Baron Thomson appears to be quite a guy!! Please read about him--40 newspapers in Canada, 70 in the U.S. (that was in 1980)!! How is that for control of the media!!!
I could not say what the total picture is regarding the Tavistock publications and/or whether Thomson follows their instructions on Internationalism or not. However, with 110 newspapers owned outside England, I think there is a strong agreement in policy here at the least.

August 3, 1993
From: Nora (#2 in a set of 3 memos)
Question: Who FOUNDED the US&P?
Answer: There appears to be come confusion on that score!

1959: The International Who’s Who, Twenty-third Edition Pub. Europa Publications, Ltd., London states under Walter’s name that he “founded (with Lao Russell) The Walter Russell Foundation (now University of Science and Philosophy) 1948”....

1961-62: The same statement is made in the Twenty-fifth Edition.

1962-63: The same statement is made in the Twenty-sixth Edition.

1963-64: Same, in Twenty-seventh Edition (Walter Russell died 5/19/63).

1964-65: These editions continued to carry the same information.

1965-66: SAME

1966-67: SAME

Volume 1967-68: “Who Was Who” in America, under Walter Russell, also states the same except it adds the words, “the name was changed to US&P.” It is published by Marquis- Who’s Who, Inc., Chicago, Illinois.

Copies of these “Who’s Who” reports on Walter have already been forwarded (to attorneys) in several sets of the material along with a cover memo.

The question regarding the matter arose when I/we learned that Lao is credited with the founding of the US&P ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE LIGHT WAVES newspaper now being distributed by US&P! [Messager: Well, after all--Walter, by then, was nearing 90-years of age. Do not forget that EVERYTHING began to take on Lao’s signature from the time of their meeting. Recall please, that Walter was 77-years of age at their union. She is also responsible in total for the Russell Foundation as well--along with the move to Virginia and the recycling of Swannanoa Palace. The Foundation was set up as a cover for funds and to establish a foundation under HER control. Walter left EVERYTHING ENTIRELY IN HER HANDS!! Lao took total control of EVERYTHING as Walter’s “alter ego”--she had TOTAL rein over ALL business matters--and for that matter, all other matters as well. Everything was established and set-up according to the instructions directly from England and the Tavistock Institute.]

In the material (attached) I found that Lao was said to be written up in “Who’s Who of American Women”. I located material from the directory (it is also attached). These include copies of three reports dated 1968-69 (Walter died in 1963), 1975-76, and 1983-84, published by Marquis Who’s Who, Chicago, Illinois!!! So--what is the truth?

You will note that according to Who’s Who Lao’s maiden name is “Cook”, also, she became a naturalized American Citizen in 1947 (during the year preceding her marriage to Walter). She was also a leader in the women’s movement starting in 1955. There are several International groups listed and I will try to obtain more information on these groups if possible.

The “Christmas Greeting” information also states that Lao is written up in the Royal Blue Book--I have not yet found a copy of this directory.

In any event, I found it strange indeed that Lao would be given so much credit for everything in an American Who’s Who! Walter certainly was not made an “American Hero” by the press--but this English, naturalized citizen, gets quite a write-up AFTER Walter’s death. Walter is listed in “WHO WAS WHO” after his death, by the same publishers--fancy that!!

There is another report in print which states that Walter founded the US&P. This is the newspaper write-up on Walter at the time of his death.

Therefore, I believe enough question has been raised by these conflicting reports to request copies of all transactions regarding the Walter Russell Foundation and the US&P ownership.

There is additional confusion as to WHO made the statue called The Christ of the Blue Ridge. [Messager: This is THE statue that now sits in the center of a “pentagram”.] The Who’s Who articles all CLAIM it was executed “WITH Lao”. This newspaper article at the time of Walter’s death credits ONLY Walter! Of course there could have been an error on either side of the reporting but I find it a little strange that it appears that the farther we get from the date of Walter’s passing, THE MORE IS CREDITED TO LAO.

Please note also that Lao is also credited with writing (in 1948) Scientific Answer to Human Relations. This is the same year that she married Walter!

Further, look closely at that 1968-69 Edition of Who’s Who of American Women under Russell, Lao (Mrs. Walter Russell) and see that it says Lao “FOUNDED” the Shrine of Beauty known as Swannanoa Palace and Sculpture Gardens in 1948, and prior to that it says she is “FOUNDER OF THE WALTER RUSSELL FOUNDATION (NOW KNOWN AS THE US&P).” It also appears she was president of it from the beginning. My purpose in bringing this to your attention is that it may have happened that Lao had the property in her name from the beginning and that Walter’s part was his writings, sculptures, paintings and inventions, which just “fell” to Lao at his death.

Messager's message is here:
Hum-m-n-n, velly innerresting! Nora, thank you. As is always the case, readers, I can depend on in depth study and accuracy from Nora. We are indeed fortunate to have such a friend and detail-oriented worker in God’s service. Now, I wish to read you what is written on a book cover of The World Crisis (by Lao and Walter): LAO RUSSELL: Author, Philosopher, Scientist, Sculptor, Painter, FEMINIST and Internationally known as THE CREATOR OF THE WORLD’S FIRST LIVING PHILOSOPHY OF MAN-WOMAN EQUALIZATION. Oh my!

Walter would have FINISHED his work had this relationship not interrupted his intended receiving. His course got totally diverted and buried in a philosophy of humanistic focus. He was attracted and “trapped perhaps?” by a beautiful woman less than half his age--and he turned to the ego gratification of what happened after that encounter. His scientific contributions STOPPED immediately following Atomic Suicide--OF WHICH LAO ALSO TOOK POSSESSION AND CLAIMED OWNERSHIP--so be it. The ONLY contribution to this book in point was her INTRODUCTION.

Remember, as we reprint from that “Introduction” that this was taking place at the time of Lao’s coming into Walter’s life so all is referred to regarding PAST activities in actual work--in other words it is “past tense”.

.....had long isolated himself from his family behind closed doors of his studio and gymnasium, where he wrote and made diagrams ceaselessly, night and day. He told me (Lao) it was very difficult to him to talk coherently with anyone, for he was so deeply concentrated upon that one thing that it was hard for him to “listen to little words,” and give them import.

[Messager: This is EXACTLY the way IT IS when you are RECEIVING these inputs from God.]

His writings and drawings were strewn everywhere, however, and when carefully examined by these two intellectuals, the doctor said: “I did not know that Walter had so deep a knowledge of chemistry but these drawings exceed my knowledge of it.” The lawyer, who was a noted scholar in the classics, said: “An insane man is always illogical, but these writings are not only logical but out-Whitman Walt Whitman for beauty and logic, which no man has who is not a great poet or philosopher.” Thus it was that they not only refused to sign the papers but advised that something was happening which they did not understand, so counselled awaiting the time when he might descend from the great heights in which he was evidently soaring, into his former normalcy. [Messager: This is all in reference to his “mental” ABSENCE for a month or so in total “receiving” mode and total lack of response to anyone!] This gradually took place, but it required a full three months to attain that normalcy.

The strange thing about his transformation to his immediate family and friends, however, was his utter unconcern about money, or a commercial adaptation of his art. From that day on his first purpose was to begin his long preparation for giving GOD’S MESSAGE to man. He knew nothing of the language or terminology of science, yet he had to learn to speak in that language in order to tell what he knew. He had to learn the names of the elements, which he knew COSMICALLY as octave tones, in their wave rhythm of 0-1-2-3-4-0-4-3-2-1-0.

He knew that man’s first need was to know his universe, for the Mendeleef Table of the Elements told him that man did not even suspect that there were three invisible space octaves preceding the carbon octave. He wondered why man could conceive of a universe which could build itself up to maturity of dense solidity, which carbon is, without going through its gaseous stages.

For six years Dr. Russell labored day and night to produce the completed charts herein published and learn the language and terminology of science sufficiently to write his first epochal book, THE UNIVERSAL ONE [Messager: OK, right here is important, readers, THIS is
the document (literal manuscript) from which our information (as claimed plagiarized) came. From this and from AN UNCOPYRIGHTED SET OF HOME STUDY COURSE INFORMATION FROM WHICH WE COULD GET CLEAR COPIES OF DIAGRAMS SO THAT NO DISTRACTION OR ERROR WOULD COME THROUGH FREE-HAND DRAWING OF SAME.], together with the charts which he sent to about 800 of the world’s leading scientists and universities, without the slightest evidence of their having received them, as heretofore stated. [Messager: Does this sound like a man who would BIND ONES FROM USING HIS INFORMATION?? TO ME IT SOUNDS LIKE A MAN DESPERATE TO JUST GET SOMEONE TO RECOGNIZE THE INFORMATION AND USE IT!]

This book is now out of print but Cambridge University had a complete photostat copy made from the New York Public Library copy, and we have heard of many other photostat copies which have been made from other originals. We have also heard that a copy has been purchased for $500.00 and much more offered for one. IT WILL NOT BE REPRINTED, FOR MY HUSBAND WAS NOT THEN READY TO GIVE WORDS TO THAT WHICH HE KNEW IN WORDLESS ESSENCE. [Messager: This is NOT so. It is not reprinted for it bears the TRUTH of Russell’s full intent to serve God in Spiritual TRUTH and GIVE this information to MANKIND. Lao was a humanist feminist by her own description and “humanism” is of the “physical” and Spiritual (Walter) is of the energy-spirit. The writings following attachment to Lao could not be reconciled and therefore were efforted at obscuring same.]

....From the time of his great illumination in 1921 to March 1946 [Messager: ALL before LAO.] my husband had worked dedicatedly alone in his tireless endeavor to awaken within man the recognition of these heretofore unknown Cosmic Laws. The most difficult thing to do is to give new knowledge [Messager: Apparently the same for “old” knowledge!], for man ever resists change, thinking that which he has at the moment is the “best” there is in life. Traditional teachings are so strong in man that it is easier to remember and repeat the ideas that were transcendent 1,000 years before, but which become archaic with the passing of time, than it is to think and reason in the direction of change.

Messager: The work of Walter Russell of which the University is after developing, is any form of FREE ENERGY--I doubt that they are too interested in the "cause of God and LIGHT" except as it applies to the One World Order.

We don't have any pick with the University of Science and Philosophy. We could not even be considered in the same running as far as competition--with them IF THE FACTS COULD EVER BE HEARD. We honor one, DR. WALTER RUSSELL for his gifts. We ONLY want to honor Dr. Russell for we are NOT EVEN INTERESTED WHATSOEVER IN HIS PROJECTIONS OF FREE ENERGY DEVELOPMENT. He realized it comes from LIGHT but he did not develop methodology.

I have no interest in doing battle with these ones at ANY LEVEL. I am not interested in competition, their work or their business. We are about as "OPPOSITE" IN DIRECTION OF INTENT AS ANY TWO ENTITIES ON YOUR EARTH COULD BE! I believe it will become more clearly defined as to "why" as we move on here.


Within this post is a partial Transcription of a radio interview with Craig B. Hulet of KC&associates.

The New World Order is a term that is considered totally passe by all the Elite and Elite Think-Tanks--and I haven't used the word myself in over a decade in any of my analytical work or research papers, even when I was with the Institute. THE PROPER TERMINOLOGY IS: "THE GLOBAL REGIME OF INTERDEPENDENCE" but if George Bush had used THAT terminology, people would have begun to understand right off that it was "economic" New World Order. It was absolutely necessary that the American people believe that the New World Order, when mentioned, would somehow have only to do with “Peace and Security" throughout the world through the use of the United Nations--or some nebulous attachment to moral rightness. THIS IS A TOTAL LIE IN ITS MOST CONTEMPTIBLE PRESENTATION AND USURPATION OF YOUR TRUST AND FAITH. THE NEW WORLD ORDER HAS NEVER BEEN ANYTHING ABOUT PEACE AND SECURITY--IT HAS BEEN ABOUT ONE THING AND ONE THING ONLY--IT IS A GLOBAL REGIME. A REGIME WHICH ALREADY EXISTS AND WE ARE IN THE TRANSITION STAGES OF IT--OF INTERDEPENDENCE. INTER-DEPENDENCE ISN'T SOMETHING THAT COME ABOUT THROUGH EVOLUTION OF FREE-TRADE LIKE SO MANY LIGHT-WEIGHT UNIVERSITY PROFESSORS--WHO PROJECT IT AS SOMETHING OF A UTOPIAN VISION THAT ALL THE WORLD BEGINS TRADING WITH EACH OTHER AND SOMEHOW ALL WAR WILL CEASE AND PEACE WILL JUST WASH OVER THE GLOBE. It simply is not even a PART OF THE STRATEGY.

Inter-dependence IS A STRATEGY. It was outlined in 1961 by Vincent Rock, a defense analyst of over 20 years, for the beginnings of it. He published a book called THE STRATEGY OF INTERDEPENDENCE which was initially used by the Kennedy Administration, and McNamara in the Johnson Administration. The strategy has been adopted ever since.

The strategy works in every field of endeavor, for instance, South Africa. We are wholly dependent on South Africa for the "platinum group" metals, chromium and commercial grade gold. It is for "strategic" war materials. This is well published and well known--that we are dependent on South Africa; therefore, the Globalist thinkers of the world future society, who are utopian, would say, "See, there is the interdependence," so we can have a lot of influence with South Africa and South Africa will work with us and we can bring about changes. The fact is that we have enough chromite, chromium and platinum-group metals, in the LARGEST DEPOSITS KNOWN ON EARTH. IN THE STILLWATER COMPLEX BETWEEN THE BORDER OF MONTANA AND THE BORDER OF WYOMING. It is a tremendously large complex and there is an almost unlimited supply of these strategic raw materials. Based on the analysis of 1961, however, done by Vincent Rock, the strategy of interdependence is as follows: We shut down the mills and operation of the Stillwaters facilities and since 1963 it hasn't been mined. THEY WANT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND THE AMERICAN CORPORATIONS WILL GO ALONG WITH THIS, BECAUSE THEY PASS THE COSTS ON TO US ANYWAY, IN THEIR PRODUCTION FACILITIES--BUT THEY WANT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO "BELIEVE" THAT WE ARE DEPENDENT UPON SOUTH AFRICA (interdependent or mutually-dependent).


This is EXACTLY that which is going on in the Middle East right now (Year 1991). They are going to create the PERCEPTION that without Kuwait's oil production and a free Kuwait under the Sabah family, there will be an insurmountable oil crisis. That is WHY we have to go to war and get this awful regime back into Government. We have now been taught, erroneously, to believe that we are totally dependent on Kuwait for oil--a total lie.


QUESTION: Who were some of the players in this Global Regime of Interdependence?

What we are talking about comes in two layers and when you talk about the U.S. multi-national corporations you can refer to a study done through the 1976 Senate, under Lee Metcalf. He is now, too, strangely deceased and became deceased before the study was completed. They produced a study called Interlocking Directorate Among Major U.S. Multi-National Corporations. It is demonstrated that there were no more than 3,500, mostly white-male Americans--Anglo-Saxon-- and they sat on boards of ALL the multi-national corporations and the major banks and foundations and a separate study, which was produced on the Federal Reserve System, showed that the same thing existed within the Federal Reserve System and ALL interlocking with the corporations, whereby one man such as William Webster (now head of the CIA and was with the FBI) sat on the Boards of as many as TWENTY MAJOR U.S. MULTI- NATIONAL CORPORATIONS, DEFENSE CONTRACTORS, BANKS--AND WHEN YOU CROSS-DIRECTORSHIP, ONE MAN SITTING ON THE BOARD OF, FOR INSTANCE, CHASE, WILL THEN ALSO SIT ON THE BOARD OF EXXON AND WILL BE SITTING NEXT TO A BOARD MEMBER OF CHASE ALSO, WHO SITS ON THE BOARD. SAY, OF MOBIL. THAT IS HOW THEY “BEAT” THE F.T.C. RULES DEALING WITH THE "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" AND "FREE-TRADE".

They ALL sit on each other's Boards and there are at most 3,500 or less people involved. One man, alone, may own as many as 50-80 hats and interests in corporations, foundations, the Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies, The Council on Foreign Relations--a complete network which is extremely small when you consider what they are doing. This was considered by the deceased Lee Metcalf as a threat to our very way of life if we believe in "free-trade". He felt it would cause the kind of political influence, and he was right, that it ultimately has caused--such as in the case of George Shultz who now sits on the Board of Boeing--after eight years in the State Department where he was the single most influential man in the State Department. He opened up trade with Red China and now the trade is wide-open to Red China, which is a major, major victory to Shultz who, as Secretary of State, moved to increase trade with Red China to the point where Boeing Corporation now has RECORD SALES HERE IN SEATTLE AND THROUGHOUT THE U.S. NORTHWEST. OF COURSE GEORGE SHULTZ IS NOW REAPING THE REWARDS OF HIS ACTIVITIES WITHIN THE STATE DEPARTMENT--HE IS ON THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS WITH BOEING CORPORATION.

What about Great Britain? What about Germany? What about all those others who are now petitioned and have agreed to give the U.S. money?

Every single one of the countries, including Japan, are represented in exactly the same scenario as just described. They are all players and they have institutionalized their ideology into groups that the far right and the far left tried to consider them some sort of Global Conspiracy--such as is the Trilateral Commission. The make-up of the Trilateral Commission, which is no more than 300 individuals at any given time, is a make-up of Europeans, West Germans, British, Japanese, Canadians and Americans. The same thing holds true and that's why when they refer to the Global Regime, they aren't thinking in terms of Imperialism the way the far-left used to think the U.S. was operating--that kind-of neocolonialism--it is far beyond that. That implies a nation- State trying to reach out and control the globe and still retain its nation-State status. These men don‟t even consider the United States as a nation-State, they consider the nation-State as Exxon, Chase, IBM, ITT, etc. That is who they believe are now the "nation-State" and that is where they put all the cards.

Being the President of the United States is a grand vehicle through which to accomplish the dynamics of the "New World Order", or, "Global Regime of Interdependence". That is why I have said it is a step down for George Bush but a most important step.

The ones who will be in charge of the New World Order or "Regime" are the same men who are in charge right now. They make up the cabinet, multi-national corporations, defense contractors, the leading bankers for they also sit on the boards of IBM, ATT, etc. They already are in charge and they have agreed to agree on that first premise. It isn't a regime such as the "Christian Fundamentalist" "thing" with a world dictator, etc., it is too well planned to ever have the appearance of such. It is a kind of feudalistic cooperation between the "princes" of the "district". Those “princes” being the C.E.O.‟s and Directors--the “districts” being the interlocking or intertwined regions where the multi-national corporation crosses over all country borders.

They no longer see nation-States. They operate in every country and they truly believe, and here I have a book called PEACE AND AFFLUENCE THROUGH MULTI-NATIONAL CORPORATIONS by Herbert Mertz, which goes so far as to say that the Regime is already in place and it is just a matter of making average layman aware of it. They go so far as to think that we should vote for our political rights no longer through Congress and nation-State Governmental apparatuses but through the multi-national political apparatus. Mertz is a Director of The World's Ecocracy.

One thing I learned while I was with the multi-national corporations as a consultant, is that one thing totally devoid in the thinking is the welfare of the people, themselves. I have had it stated to me very clearly that "as they create the Regime and move-in and eliminate regions and first employ people and then throw them out of work and move an operation to a foreign place--however they transmit it--wherever there is disruption and the people are hurt by it, their attitude is simplistically stated and the words are: "When the sheep are fleeced--they bleat".


The Regime is clearly a feudalistic operation. I know well, some of the gentlemen who run some of those major corporations and they are, indeed, feudalistic in their thinking. I would go so far as to say that they are behavioral-social-Darwinists with a nasty stripe of Nietzsche.


There are many similarities, in fact, years ago I spoke with a newspaper reporter on that very topic. There is a loose merger between the radical right and the lunatic left and that is because they have a lot of the same enemies--for instance, Henry Kissinger. The John Birch society did a lot of research into the multi-national corporations and they are interpreted to mean that David Rockefeller was therefore, a Communist, because he was also working with the Soviet Union. The far left always looks at it as a kind of monopoly capitol with a Marxist flavor in trying to install a kind of capitalist Regime throughout the world. Forget free-anything however, for that is the very LAST thing on the minds of these men in point.

G.E., for instance, is a feudalist-State that has more in common with a socialist dictator such as Noreiga or the Saudi regime than they will ever have with the "free-market".

The next is going to be fully in the presentation of second-hand. This touches so closely on "incredible" activities as to cause me to be very guarded. It is TRUE and that is my only personal comment.

There were recently some people who went to the Swannanoa Palace on "tour". There is a $6.00 fee charged for ones who wish to tour the palace, which is now getting in serious disrepair.
The grounds which were once magnificent with gardens and statues are now getting very run-down. One reason these people wanted to visit was to again see the statue of "Sananda" (The Teacher) in the garden, done by Dr. Russell. Here is what was found. The people left the organized tour and wandered out onto the grounds unnoticed at first. The buildings in the back area were in a terrible state of repair--very neglected and untended while showing great need for resources.

They went to the statue to find a shocking sight. The statue had (on a prior visit some years ago) been landscaped with beautiful shrubs and flowers but basically "stood alone". IT IS NOW CENTERED IN FLOWER BEDS WHICH FORM A SATANIC PENTAGRAM.

Moving on around to the back and distant side of the estate itself, was a tower with a "jumping type" of platform on it. Beneath that was a freshly filled-in pit of some kind. This area is obviously given now to rituals of some sort and "neighbors" report all sorts of weird things going on back there--but decline to talk about it.

There was indication that somehow, recent visitors of Royalty or tourists of some kind had come for a "RETREAT" for an "overnighter". Hmm-n-n, at the same time Prince Charles visited in the U.S. and WAS SEEN AT SWANNANOA.

Dr. Russell's early works (long, long prior to his meeting with Lao and this group from Great Britain) were given to the public--and, the originals were gifted to Princeton University. I have no further comment about this. If we somehow damaged Dr. Russell in our offering honor for his work, we apologize. Never was our intent to do other than enlighten people to the truth of their own projection--not form any kind of competitive circumstance. I repeat, we still have NO QUARREL with anyone from US&P OR over the work. We HONOR DR. RUSSELL.

I have been brought a copy of LIGHT WAVES from US&P--just of interest. If you have access (for I declare we dare not reprint anything from the flyer) to this--READ DR. BINDER'S "PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE "Choices & Focus On the Good".


There never was, nor is, ANY intent to slander or damage or plagiarize anything from anyone--only HONOR a gifted MAN with a GIFT to MANKIND. If we did it badly, then perchance there might be "positive" goodness gained from the experience for ALL.

Newton's laws of gravity only covered half of the gravity cycle. And Kepler's laws omitted one of the two foci of the ellipse.

----Below is a newspaper clipping from the August 3rd, 1930 issue of The New York Times. ----

To the Editor of The New York Times:

Dr. John E. Jackson's letter to you, a copy of which he graciously sent to me, is a perfectly natural letter of resentment for which I do not blame him in the least.

It is true that I have challenged the accuracy or completeness of the Newtonian laws of gravitation and will just as vigorously attack the other "sacred laws" of Kepler, and any others, either ancient or modern, that need modifying or rewriting to fit the needs of a civilization whose onward march is held back by the untruths, or half truths, of those who rely upon the deceptive evidence of what their eyes think they see.

I am sorry that an artist had to do it, but Sir Oliver Lodge said that no scientist could make the supreme discovery of the one thing for which science is looking and hoping. He said that such a discovery would have to be the "supreme inspiration of some poet, painter, philosopher or saint."

In other words, science sorely needs the imagination of an artist or poet to synthesize here heterogeneous complexities, and put her on the path of simplicity and truth; for nature is very simple in her causes. She is complex only in her repetitive effects.

I have not said that Newton's laws were wrong, for they are right as far as they go. They are only half-truths, though. Kepler's first law is not only a half truth, but the half that is stated is inaccurately stated.
Science should be exact, not approximate or inferential.

Just as Newton left out all consideration of the equal and opposite reaction to the attraction of gravitation, which is the repulsion of radiation, so does Kepler leave the other focus of his ellipses out of his consideration. "The sun is one of the foci of planetary elliptical paths,” he says; but how about the other one? My friendly critics will of course admit that there are two foci to any elliptical orbit. If one of these foci is important, why is not the other equally so?

What is the cause of elliptical orbits if not that some doubly acting force, concentrated at two foci, is exerting its opposite influences on both masses, not on one. For this reason also it is inaccurate, because untrue, to say that the sun is at one of its foci. That infers that the sun's centre is one of its foci, which is not true. The true focus, which only happens to be within the sun, because of the sun's huge bulk, is the mutual gravitative centre of both sun and planet, or earth and moon.

If a planet happened to be a big fellow, the focus referred to would be a long way outside of the sun. For this reason, the law is purely a local one, limited to a solar system, and would not apply to two solar systems or to two bodies of approximately equal mass revolving around each other, as a universal law should apply.

The neglected focus is the mutual centre of repulsion which is the lowest point in the pressure gradient between any two masses. These two oppositely acting foci are the controls which determine the orbits of both masses around each other instead of one mass around the other, which was the apparent limit of Kepler's consideration.

Perhaps Dr. Jackson will explain to me why Kepler and Newton, and all who have followed since then, have shirked this other necessary focus and have given us only the perfectly obvious one.

If Newton had watched that apple compose itself from low potential gases and liquids to high potential solids, saw it fall, and still remained on his job watching it decompose back again into low potential gases and vapors as it arose, we might have had a complete law of gravitation which would have been a great aid in putting a much-needed foundation under the feet of science during these intervening centuries.

I am offering again my contribution to what seems to me the unstable foundation beneath the feet of science. Einstein and others have already been respectfully credited for the same ideas which, when published by me, had formerly brought me ridicule. All I ask is a consideration of my ideas and fair treatment.

I have begun by correcting the Eddington idea of a running-down universe, by supplying the other half of Newton's laws and Kepler's neglected focus, which makes the universe a continuing one. This must be followed up by correcting many other things, such as the structure of the atom, the supposed nature of the electron and kindred fantasies, illusions, cosmogonies and hypotheses, which have succeeded each other for three hundred years, none of which survive the test of five years trial without becoming as ephemeral as Laplace's nebular hypothesis or as old fashioned as a 1927 model of the atom.

If Dr. Jackson thinks academic science is advancing, he is wrong. Industrial science is leaping ahead on restricted lines, but the theorists who draw fantastic conclusions from their experiments have "gone cubist". The "jumping electron" atom, and all other atomic models, with the exception of Rutherford's, for which so many Nobel prizes have been given, have no more relation to nature than green cheese has to the moon. And as for the little wire cages studded with marbles, which are supposed to show how the atoms determine crystallization--they are just FUNNY.

New York, July 28, 1931.

----This is the end of the newspaper clipping from the August 3rd, 1930 issue of The New York Times. ----

----Below is a newspaper clipping from the August 17th, 1930 issue of The New York Times. ----

To the Editor of The New York Times:

Since the publication in the TIMES of my statement that modern science is without a foundation and needs a major surgical operation to put it in line for a logical cosmogenetic synthesis, I have been bombarded by telephone and by letters questioning this statement and others made in my book The Russell Genera-Radiative Concept, recently published.

May I tell those people who think I have a superficial, metaphysical concept which I am trying to inject into practical science for its reformation that I am as thoroughly prepared to carry out my program with dynamic answers, not metaphysical ones, as Copernicus was when he upset an equally obstinate world of thoroughly satisfied Ptolemyites? Also I am as thoroughly aware of the difficulties of uprooting established ideas as he was.

I am also thoroughly conversant not only with every experiment that has given science its present unstable state, but also with the wrongful deductions which have resulted from those experiments.

I am as familiar with the experiments and observations of Newton and Kepler as I am of those of Faraday, Cavendish, Rutherford, Bohr or Millikan, and I also am as familiar with the things which these great men did not see in their own experiments as those which they did see, and even then misinterpreted.

An observation of an effect of Nature is equal to an experiment and a proper deduction from either is more important than either.

Newton, for example, would have solved the other half of the gravitational problem if he had found out how that apple and the tree upon which It grew got up in the air before the apple fell.

I challenge the world of science to correctly and completely answer that question. Let your readers qualify for the right to subject me to their criticism as an impractical visionary by first giving a dynamic answer to this by no means simple question.

Therefore I say to all my critics who wonder why I do not go into the laboratory and "perform experiments" that I do perform experiments in physical laboratories and make profound observations in Nature's vast laboratory that have fitted me to make new and logical deductions from old experiments which have no inconsistencies and no exceptions.

To illustrate: Suppose a man experimented with the moon running behind the trees as he ran, then set down his conclusions from the "facts", as he saw them, such as the correspondence of acceleration and deceleration to his speed, we could easily point out the error of such a deduction because we are familiar with the illusions of perspective.

Science has never considered the fact that in the universe of motion all effects of motion are illusions. Illusions are not limited to perspective but to every electrical, chemical and astronomical relation.

Nature is the supreme deceiver, the champion "poker bluffer", who, with a simple hand, makes you think she has much.

Nature is simple. She has but one force (which she divides into two), one form (which she divides into many), and seven patterns (which she complexes by repeating them in such marvelous systems of wave periodicities that it needs imagination, rather than eyesight, to coordinate them).

Nature can be beautifully described by that child's toy of hexagonal mirrors which makes the most exquisite and complex patterns in color and form out of a bit of feath
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02-09-2017, 02:50 AM
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RE: The Lao Stebbing (Russell) thread, by username truthonly
Seems someone forgot to take their medication. Your name would better be called "DISINFORMATION ONLY." There are so many untruthful ERRORS and total all out falsehoods in this writing, that it would take six weeks of typing to correct them all. Pathetic. For one, the copyright of Universal One is and solely was owned by Dr. Walter Russell. The archives of the USP contain many letters from Dr. Russell regarding his upset over scientists taking credit for his copyrighted predictions of elements contained in the charts in Universal One from 1926. It was also Walter AND Lao's wish to create a University. Letters confirming this desire exist between Virginia State Government and stated the requirements for this to happen, one of which was developing a curriculum to qualify, thus the creation of the Home Study Course which if you did any credible bit of research, you would know this is the case. Garbage like this exists all over the internet. Russell and Tesla were free-masons who are illuminati bloodline mind controlled victims and frauds. The only fraud here is, that whoever "truthonly" is, is pushing a whopper of revilement, prevarication and subterfuge.
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02-23-2017, 12:33 PM (This post was last modified: 02-23-2017 12:37 PM by Leonardo.)
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RE: The Lao Stebbing (Russell) thread, by username truthonly
Hi Truthonly:

First of all, Welcome:

When I started to unfold, this viewpoint that I now hold seemed very distant. Over time I started to turn information into knowledge. I still try to make sure I understand the difference every day.

You are on the path to truth. I think? I don't know what you have been through or what barriers may be in your way today. So I will not attempt to judge you. I have already learned I would be wrong anyway. And I do not wish to pay the price for that kind of imbalance anymore.

I can't respond to your whole text because it would be too much.

I have seen a few references to a “New World Order” in some of the text, and I admit, it got my attention. However I don't think it is what you are associating it with. I think the meaning is quite different than what you are linking to. The wording does create a little confusion. There is a big difference between what Lao Russell wrote about and what is described in the news as “New World Order.” Lao Russell describes a society is which it is impossible to hurt your fellow human being because you know then to be you as well as to be one with God. The version we hear about in the news is more about one central government that may or may not be for the people and by the people.

Let me switch gears on you for a moment.

If you have completed the “Home Study Course”, you know that the first thing you should do is to take this to meditation. You should ask God to help you understand your questions. But you must also understand that you must do your part and fully prepare so you can understand the message. You must read everything and be very careful when forming assertions. My guess is even right now God is working with you to give you greater understanding to what you are attempting to say. Is he not now challenging all of these concepts with ideas that are hard to answer with your present line of reasoning? In your mind? Every time I lose my balance, I get a giant lesson, sometimes taking days or weeks to remedy. But I have learned to do so. Now I get no peace until I do erase my mistakes by undoing the mistake I made.

So I would follow the guidelines Walter Russell lays out in the “Home Study Course.” It works great for me.

I think every part of Walter Russell's life was and is a symbol for us. His life was lived in such a way as to enlighten us as to how to live our lives. Including his divorce from his first wife and the marriage of his second wife, Lao. I have meditated long over this and have come to the realization that we must put greater effort into understanding how to pick a mate and how to understand the union of a tonal mate. Not to mention the relation to chemistry, color, tone and mathematics. All of those subjects can and should clarify our relationships and how best to form them.

The whole thing is a lesson to us. If you need to explore that further, I may be able to help. There is much to talk about.

I can only speak for myself, but I have found Lao Russell's work to be among the most enlightened I have ever consumed. I continually take her guidance into my mind as I form my thoughts. It was only after reading Walter Russell's entire collection of books several times that I then turned my attention to Lao's work. It was instrumental to my understanding just as several posts here have been. She is here for a reason.

No one can give you this answer, especially since you have developed strong feelings of your own. You asked me to make sure no one would delete or censor your post. Now you know that will not happen here. Trust us to share with you the one truth. The one truth that you search for. No one of us has it to himself. We are meant to share and come together in an effort to unlock it together and bring it to all of mankind.

Remember the best definition we have today of LOVE is: To join! That means to come together. Anything that separates us is the opposite of love.

So as I started out. Welcome!

Leonardo Out!

Tim Gillespie
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