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Baha Prophecy about "Divine Philosophy" for 'Transmutation of Elements'
10-31-2015, 01:37 PM
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RE: Baha Prophecy about "Divine Philosophy" for 'Transmutation of Elements'
(10-27-2015 09:00 AM)johnnyb.doremi Wrote:  As promised... This is what I have so far. I'll work on the Advaita section next, and whatever else arises as I study.

A Comparison with Indian Philosophies in General
The universe did not have a beginning. Slight differences: Walter suggested a steady state universe while Hindus and Buddhist believe the universe goes through cycles of creation and destruction, evolution and involution.

Comparisons with Buddhism
From the Heart Sutra: “Form is emptiness and emptiness is form.” This is equivalent to Walter’s concept that space and matter are the same thing, just different conditions.
Impermanance (one of the "seals of existence"): All bodies in the conditioned/divided/Electric universe are constantly changing forms. Even atoms are not stagnant solid objects, and planets aren't established in their orbits.
From Unit 1 of the Home Study Course (4th Edition):
Walter's instructions for meditation, forgeting about body and thoughts, sound familiar to Dzogchen, where you also train to forget about the body and observe the widening gaps between the thoughts where your true nature is.
Buddha-nature could be an equivalent to expressing God’s nature, both of which are purported to be a person’s authentic source of joy, love, and compassion.
Walter agrees with Buddhists that the brain is just another sense organ like the eyes or ears. “Much confusion arises from the assumption that we are thinking when we are but sensing. The Brain is constantly receiving electric messages from all over the body. Such messages are not mental. They are purely electrical. The produce sensation. The brain senses and records every message and sends counteracting messages to other parts of the body.” (Lesson 4, Sensed Electric Vibrations)
In other words, often when we believe we are thinking, we are actually merely “sensing”. Our thoughts and actions we observe are “second-nature”, automatic responses almost like a reflex (when the doctor hammers you on the knee and you kick, or when you recoil after accidentally touching a hot stove). The only difference is that you are born with reflexes, while other reactions are learned.
He also mentions how our unwholesome thoughts and emotions cause our physical illnesses. “Your body manifests your Mind.” (Lesson 4, Spiritual and Physical Balance) “That is why you should seek God in meditation immediately if you indulge in an angry or even unkind thought. Through meditation you will find balance in the universal love principle before the toxins of the unbalanced conditions you have brought on yourself--which all illnesses are--upset your balanced body rhythms.” (Lesson 3, Love Principle In Action)
This reminds me greatly of Glenn Wallis’ translation of the Dhammapada.
“One should abandon anger...

Troubles do not befall the person
Who, possessing nothing,
does not cling to body and mind.

The person who can restrain
anger that has arisen
like a reckless chariot--
that one I cal a driver.
Other peope just hold on to the reins.” (Chapter 17: Anger, stanzas 221 and 222)

“Fashion a lamp for youslef!
Strive quickly! Become skilled!
Toxins cleansed, free from stain...

Gradually, little by little, moment by moment,
the wise person should flush toxins from himself
as a metalsmith cleanses dross for silver.” (Chapter 18: Toxins, stanzas 238 and 239)

I am so thankful to you for such a beautiful and intelligent comparison. One thing to add in my view the rule of 'Cause and Effect' is also same in Buddhist teachings and Dr. Walter Russell's teaching.

I would eagerly wait for your response about Advait vedanta. We can write together if you don't mind. Let me know if you agree on this.

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