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Baha Prophecy about "Divine Philosophy" for 'Transmutation of Elements'
10-21-2015, 06:50 AM
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RE: Baha Prophecy about "Divine Philosophy" for 'Transmutation of Elements'
Dear 'johnnyb.doremi'

Thanks for replying to the post. I have deeply read work of Dr. Walter Russell and compared it with all other religions and teachers. You are right about that there is similarity between his work and Advait Vedanta.

I am writing a book in which I am comparing his work in all possible ways. I will be thankful to you if you can suggest something about it.

Baha Faith has over millions of follower over the world. My point was that if we could tell them that the prophecy made by their founder Bahaullah has been fulfilled in its full length as Dr. Walter Russell's teachings provides "Divine Philosophy" for 'transmutation of elements', then we can make his work really famous.

I tried to meet Baha'i people in India and on internet but they are reluctant so far. Most of them are not aware of Dr. Walter Russell work or are very poor in basics of science.

I hope the main people who are dealing with the work of Dr. Walter Russell can try to convince open minded Baha'i people in other countries as well.

Please keep in touch. Thanks.

Love from India.
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