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Letter from Dr. Russell to Clara Clemens
03-22-2015, 04:38 AM (This post was last modified: 04-16-2016 07:27 AM by Matt Presti.)
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Letter from Dr. Russell to Clara Clemens
Letter to Clara Clemons from Walter Russell

Here is the letter from Dr. Russell to Clara Clemens[/url]. An amazing letter to say the least. The basic reality of this universe is that it is constructed and deconstructed by consciousness alone, which is all there is. Consciousness without a body is at rest in a strata beyond sensory perception, however, it can be perceived through the heart as Dr. Russell says in this letter. When it refocuses through desire to leave this state of rest, it is born again in body. So sequences of life and death, action and rest make this universal medium called motion seemingly live and die. In this sense, the Russell's asserted that there was no such thing as unconsciousness. It would be better to use a different term such as unbodyness. One will eternally retain their consciousness even without a body. It is all there is and it creates and uncreates all we sense. One has no awareness of their body when they become wholly mind or wholly conscious. At death, one becomes wholly their own conscious and rests within the eternal light of mind for what living sensed bodies call a period of time. There is no time or periods or sequences in the eternal light of mind. That all belongs to the screen of space that reflects the projections of every mind onto it. Simple really. The fulcrum of all motions of life and death sequences is the light of the one conscious mind of God, the Creator of which we are all a part to the degree that we are aware of our being so. We stem from and return to that one source. The ancestors, relatives and all those humans who have come and gone all stem from the same source. Truly unifying and eternal. Enjoy the PDF.
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05-15-2015, 08:27 PM
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RE: Letter from Dr. Russell to Clara Clemens
This letter was an interesting look into the personality of Walter Russell. You can feel how much he wants to help and comfort his friend. I really enjoy his simplicity when explaining such profound information. His ability to teach and comfort at the same time is impressive.
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