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About Tim

A brief introduction to the Webmaster.

My name is Tim Gillespie, and I am officially going on record that I believe the work of Walter Russell is the way forward for mankind.

Why? Because I got more answers reading Russell's work than all of my time in organized religions! It's not that I have anything against religion, it's just that I believe this is the next step in understanding God and creation. Russell himself counts religion as one of the five great institutions of mankind. I first learned about Walter Russell while reading a book called Near Death Experiences, by P.M.H. Atwater. After reading that book, it became more than apparent that death is not the last step. In fact life seems to become more real after you die.

Books like Proof Of Heaven, by Eben Alaxender M.D., and Many Lives, Many Masters, by Brian Weiss M.D., pointed me in the direction of Walter Russell and at the same time presented compelling new information suggesting there really is something beyond this life. My intent is not to convince you any of this is real. That you must do for yourself. Besides, as Water Russell suggests, you will unfold in your own time.

I am creating this site because I want to see if there is a community of people investigating this approach to life. The science presented in Russell's work are far beyond what we know today. And if things are as he says they are, then his work will continue to prove itself as we progress through the human experience. I was hoping there was already some forum established for this, but as of yet, I have not seen one. And comments regarding Walter Russell anywhere seem to be few and far between.

Although all of this is wrapped in some kind of belief in God, most of my curiosity is pointed in the direction of the science Russell presents. The notion of all matter being composed of light units seems to make sense. The idea that matter can be transmutted by controlling the 18 dimensions of light units puts a whole new spin into the subject of alchemy. Relating chemical molecules to celestial solar systems is far beyond anything I would have ever thought of. And stating there is one set of rules for all matter, regardless of scale, flies in the face of our understanding of quantum mechanics. You don't have to look any further than quantum entanglement to know the real world is full of surprises and science that we do not understand yet. Everything beyond what we know seems to get more bizarre the farther we get in it and the more we learn.

In John 1:5 (the Bible), John is asked "Who Is God?" John's answer was (and still is) "God is light!" The exact quote I have is this; "This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all." Most explanations of this description center around the metaphorical interpretation rather than a scientific explanation. Russell is telling us that God is made up of light units, the same as you and me. And his language is light. In fact we think in terms of light. This explanation is quite different than any other one I have heard. Mind you, I am not a religious scholar. Hardly!

So I am here to see who else shows up and to listen to what they say. But let me say one last thing. You will never understand any of this stuff by listening to me. The depth of information contained in the work of Walter Russell is far too verbose and intense to get much through second hand discussion. Only by reading his work (many times) will you see the radical departures he makes from common assumptions and only by examining all of his examples of these principles in action will you gain a greater understanding of the Universe and Creation.

These are principles I hope to explore in the coming months as this site begins it's march towards the wave amplitutude.